Monday, January 11, 2010

Why the S2000 is the best value sports car for $20K

  1. it's rear wheel drive w/ a limited slip differential
  2. it has a shifter that is talked about in car magazines
  3. the hood is aluminum
  4. it was built from the ground up as a roadster (minimal vibrations in the cabin aka cowl shake)
  5. it does 0-60 in under 6 seconds
  6. the car is classified SCCA Solo II "A Stock" along with the NSX, M3, 911, Supra Turbo.
  7. the exhaust note is thrilling, especially when revved to 8250
  8. Honda reliability along with a tastefully designed interior
  9. it makes 240 horsepower
  10. the power train is warrantied for 3 more years of 100K miles.
Honda went all out with the S2000--so much so that typical performance mods (intake, exhaust, etc) provide no gains. In other words, this car was tuned at the factory. I think this alone says volumes about what the S2000 is all about.

Before I test drove it, I had made up my mind that I would never own a high-strung VTEC car again after owning a Honda prelude. But, in hindsight--I feel very good about my choice. It is literally a track car you can drive on the public streets. In other words--its a go-kart with a stereo, and A/C

  1. tweater position - i wish honda would have spent a little more time and positioned the tweaters for a proper sound stage. the audio is imbalanced, and its rather annoying to know why.
  2. rear view mirror - since the car sits so low to the ground, it seems as if everyone has their high beams on you all of the time. a proper auto-dimming rear view mirror would seem appropriate
  3. key - there is no option for an integrated key/remote
  4. smart headlights - i wish the car would turn off the headlights by themselves when the vehicle is locked.

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