Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Install Windows 7 on a Dell XPS M2010

First, I would like to pass on some knowledge about this Unit from the Dell gentleman.

1) this video card in these units suffer from the manufacturing defects that affected those NVIDIA GPUs

2) if and when these cards go out, dell is sending out the same defective units as there was never a replacement

3) when the unit will not POST. dell support will send a replacement motherboard, but it is not the motherboard--its the video card, so expect a second trip from your repair guy.

With that said. Some nice fellow posted a step by step guide on installing most of the drivers for Win7 on this unit. Dell's website has no Win7 specific drivers listed nor do they plan on ever releasing them as I understand it.

Here's info on how to get it done. Specifically look for at


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