Monday, April 5, 2010

"error sending" or "authorization error" scanning from a Brother MFC 8480

installed the 3/2010 firmware update and beat my head against trying to get it to scan to a UNC path for an hour. you never know what kind of funky syntax the different vendors want. one time on a Canon Aficio, i had to enter the domain name in ALL CAPS. so i tried all kinds of combinations of slashes after the path, before the path, yada yada yada.

i gave up and called support. turns out that Brother is aware of this issue and that they are working on a patch.

in terms of features, i like what this unit offers. it has a nice and large LED panel which provides intuitive access to up to 10 SCAN TO destinations, and provides the standard copy/fax functions of course.

You can assign any of the 'scan to' slots to a respective UNC path or FTP server.

simple & straight-forward scanning to a share--the only way to do it. HP--you guys should learn a lesson from these other guys.

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